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IBH Capital Management is a privately held asset management and investment company. We provide solutions to a wide range of qualified clients across two actively managed platforms: separate accounts and personalized investment vehicles. Our two main areas of concentration are 1) investments into commercial real estate and 2) investments into small- and medium-size companies.
In order to provide superior risk-adjusted investment alternatives to our clients and ensure the growth and success of our company, IBH Capital is continuously exploring hundreds of opportunities to select investments with better risk/reward profiles, great value, and substantial upside potential. Following our risk mitigation strategy, we diversify our real estate assets across several states within the U.S., with some exposure to foreign markets where we see value and growth potential. Our business holdings are currently diversified across several domestic industries  -  we aim to add foreign diversification, once we discover exceptional opportunities that fit our investment criteria.  

With a commercial real estate investment portfolio valued at more than $912 million and a total net leasable area of over 6.4 million square feet, IBH Capital focuses on acquiring and repositioning undervalued commercial real estate assets that produce consistent and growing financial returns. IBH Capital is also an active investor in small to medium-size companies across several industries. With current business holdings valued in excess of $189 million, IBH Capital's total assets under management (AUM) are a little over 1.1 billion dollars. Our experienced in-house team of commercial real estate and business professionals is continuously evaluating existing and potential investments for additional growth and return opportunities. 

At IBH Capital, we share a unified philosophy that asset and investment management is alike cultivation of crops: it is labor-intensive, it demands careful selection and continuous management, and produces good results, only if the first two contributions were diligently made. Following this philosophy, we strive to maintain and improve our annual yields by only working with the most reliable partners and hiring top talent within each industry while concurrently expanding our own service offering. 
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