Well-Diversified Portfolio
with an Annual Blended Internal Rate of Return of 28.63% since Inception



$896+ million AUM

Our Real Estate Portfolio

At IBH Capital, we firmly believe in a well-diversified real estate portfolio comprised of institutional investment-grade assets. This is why we only invest in class A and class B assets in primary locations across several US states. Recently, we increased the diversification of our portfolio by expanding to a couple of carefully selected foreign countries where we see significant growth potential and value.  


To ensure solid returns on our clients' equity, we follow our very strict investment rules and conduct thorough due diligence and market analysis before we select an asset for acquisition. Our top priority is to acquire only those assets that offer significant value-add opportunity and are traded at some discount to the general market. This approach plays an integral part in our risk mitigation strategy and helps us maintain operating margins during adverse market conditions.    


Most of the assets in our real portfolio were acquired at below-market valuations at different cycles of the real estate market in the USA and overseas. We were fortunate to complete these transactions at such valuations due to our superior access to many off-market deals, quick access to capital, favorable closing terms, and overall real estate market expertise. This is the value that we bring to our clients. 


Multifamily Assets
  • 8 class A properties diversified by property size and location across Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina.

  • 15 class B properties diversified by demographics and location across Florida and Georgia.



Office Assets
  • 2 class A properties in Florida diversified by location.

  • 4 class B properties in Florida diversified by building amenities and location.

  • 1 class A property in Moscow, Russia.

  • 1 class B property in Riga, Latvia.



Industrial Assets
  • 2 manufacturing facilities in Moscow, Russia.

  • 1 distribution facility in Riga, Latvia

  • 1 oil refinery facility in Yerevan, Armenia.

  •  1 manufacturing facility in Minsk, Belarus.




Retail Assets
  • 4 recently constructed single-tenant retail properties diversified by the tenant and location across Florida.

  • 3 fast-food type properties diversified by the corporate tenant and location across Florida.

  • 4 gas stations diversified by location across Florida and Georgia.



Single-Family Assets

A portfolio of residential houses in Florida acquired at below replacement values and held as rental income assets.  

Portfolio Highlights:
28.68% Annual Blended IRR (Unleveraged)
48.54% Annual Blended IRR (Leveraged)