Legal Services

Many real estate transactions today are quite sophisticated. Increasingly they are cross-border and involve structured financing arrangements. IBH Capital’s legal team is ideally placed to counsel on such transactions. With an extensive background in real estate brokerage, finance, investment, and property management, our well-resourced global network of diversely experienced commercial real estate attorneys specializing across all asset types can manage all kinds and stages of real estate transactions.


IBH Capital’s legal team provides a full range of legal services to commercial real estate owners, buyers, sellers, tenants, managers, lenders, developers, and investors. Our attorneys have ample experience managing transactions for many domestic and international investment banks, private equity funds, hedge funds, pension funds, REITs and sovereign wealth funds.


Our clients prefer our legal expertise in real estate because we understand their goals, offer our full commitment, and ensure effective and efficient results. We strive to produce valuable, efficient, and complete results in every engagement: from a single asset to multi-property portfolios. 


IBH Capital’s legal team provides our clients with prompt and professional legal consultation on a wide array of the following real estate matters:


  • Advisory/opinions on real estate matters

  • Asset acquisitions, protection, and disposition

  • Asset financing and refinancing: institutional and private loan transactions

  • Business entities: formation, registration, management, dissolution

  • Ownership change 

  • Contractual matters (click to expand):

  • Addendums,

  • Agreements with architects, 

  • Bank guarantee, 

  • Builder agreement, 

  • Change of property use, 

  • Commercial property lease, 

  • Concessionaire agreements, 

  • Conducting agreements, 

  • Construction contracts, 

  • Deeds (lease deeds, leave and license deeds, mortgage deeds, partition deeds, sale deeds, transfer deeds), 

  • EPC contracts, 

  • Escrow agreements, 

  • Family settlement agreements, 

  • Franchise agreements, 

  • Gift contracts, 

  • Indemnity bonds, 

  • Interim applications and suits for specific performance of the contract, 

  • Land development agreement, 

  • Letters of intent, 

  • Maintenance agreements, 

  • Management and operational agreements, 

  • Master purchase agreements, 

  • Memorandum of understanding (MOU), 

  • No objection certificates, 

  • Performance related bonds, 

  • Power of attorney, 

  • Purchase orders, 

  • Sale and purchase agreements, 

  • Service agreements, 

  • Sub-lease agreement, 

  • Tri-partite agreements

  • Work and purchase orders, 

  • Other contract and advisory services for real estate owners and investors

  • Due diligence (buyers/lenders)

  • Holding companies & other special purpose entities (SPE)

  • Leases and landlord-tenant relationships

  • Management companies

  • Private equity

  • Representation before all courts, forums, and commissions (all real estate matters) 

  • Real estate partnerships and other multi-owner structures

  • Title repair services 


We also offer legal counsel on A/B and preferred equity origination, distressed debt acquisition (including loan-to-own strategies), NPL pool acquisitions, loan workouts, mezzanine loans, real estate investments and investment fund formation, structuring and joint ventures, securitization, project planning, development and construction, tax, as well as complex real estate mergers and acquisitions.


Our full-service real estate attorneys are prepared to handle all real estate legal needs: from small to large, from domestic to international.

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