Investment Consulting

IBH Capital’s investment consultants work with clients looking for complete solutions to help them acquire or divest of investment grade commercial real estate assets or portfolios of such assets across all types of commercial real estate in the U.S. and select countries in Europe.


IBH Capital offers comprehensive and research-driven transaction solutions and delivers outstanding results by seamlessly combining our expertise in global capital markets with a unique ability to develop client-oriented solutions for both individual and corporate investors. To maximize our clients’ returns and minimize transaction risks, we heavily rely on comprehensive market research and real-time market data, extensive asset-specific due diligence, advanced analytics and our network of on-the-ground professionals, who understand every aspect of real estate investment in their respective markets.


We partner with our clients and commit all our efforts to help them achieve their financial goals be that through asset/portfolio acquisitions or dispositions.


Asset/Portfolio Acquisitions

Regardless of our clients’ preferences for an asset/portfolio type, its holding period, or a market sector, we can detect the best investment opportunities on the market for short, medium, or long-term gain. 


Asset/Portfolio Dispositions

We advise our clients, who seek to divest of an asset/portfolio to cash out current gains or divest of an under-performing asset/portfolio on the best strategies to achieve the highest sales price, optimize their investments returns, and minimize transaction risk.