Asset Management

Strong asset management is the essential tie between asset investment strategy and its effective execution. IBH Capital asset management teams work across regions and asset classes, develop and oversee the execution of real estate strategies through transactions and project management based on market and operational data. They translate market and operational insights into action plans that deliver consistent operational and financial performance. IBH Capital’s asset management teams orchestrate this integrated service delivery through IBH Capital’s governance, best practices, and performance management.



Asset management services benefit real estate investors, owners, and managers, who require greater control over real estate investment/management decisions and greater efficiency at each stage of the real estate life cycle. This may include any of the following:


Continuous Improvement and Optimization

Our asset management teams will help you identify best practices, improvement opportunities, and KPI metrics to enhance asset/portfolio financial and operating performance. We will analyze your existing assets or planned acquisitions across all locations and develop a real estate strategy with portfolio diversification, capital allocation, and performance optimization in mind.


Transformational Models

We develop transformative models and future road maps for commercial real estate companies that seek to change their current operations and reach a different position within their market, segment, or geography in the future.


IBH Capital works with investors and real estate managers, who plan to maximize the financial and/or operating performance of their asset or portfolio through high-quality asset and property management and may need to: 


Optimize Each Cycle of the Asset or Portfolio’s Holding Period 

As its core asset management service offering, IBH Capital helps its clients maximize their asset/portfolio investment values by increasing income, minimizing expenses, and maximizing asset’s perceived market values. We work with our clients from asset/portfolio acquisition to its eventual disposition and provide the most cost-effective solutions along the way. Our asset management services integrate acquisition related due diligence, operational management, leasing and tenant relations, dispositions and/or re-capitalizations, market monitoring, and a number of other equally important services specified further. 


Stabilize Distressed Assets 

Most troubled real estate assets require professional and timely management to determine the optimal workaround strategy. However, not every distressed asset can be economically feasible – be that from its acquisition or operations perspective. IBH Capital’s asset management teams play a pivotal role in this regard by quickly identifying specific asset characteristics and market conditions that can either act as a catalyst of or an obstacle to stable financial/operating performance of the asset and, hence, positively or negatively affect our clients’ financial goals.


Professionally Manage a Project or a Property 

IBH Capital’s project and property management teams offer full service to institutional and individual real estate investors, owners, and managers. We help our clients maximize their asset/portfolio investment returns and reach their financial and operational goals by employing top talent, implementing professional technology and value-added programs, and walking side-by-side with them every day. As part of our project/property management services, we manage new build-outs and ground-up developments from start to finish, as well as property alterations, extensions, improvements, and repairs. We provide invaluable assistance in the following core aspects of project/property operations: 

  • ​budget control and management, 

  • business continuity, 

  • change management,

  • control of design and improvement work,

  • emergency preparedness planning, 

  • employment administration support, 

  • environmental management and reporting, 

  • facilities management, 

  • health, safety, and risk management services, 

  • lease administration and property accounting,

  • lease-up and commissions,

  • management of third-party service providers,

  • move-in/-out management,

  • on-site labor supervision,

  • preparation of health & safety manuals, operations manuals, and maintenance manuals,

  • project team assembly and management,

  • property operations and maintenance, 

  • quality assurance and monitoring, 

  • shell and core construction monitoring,

  • tenant relations. 

By partnering with IBH Capital’s project/property management teams, our clients benefit from:

  • development and construction consultancy within commercial real estate environment across all major asset classes,

  • flexibility to efficiently switch to more feasible procurement terms and building contracts,

  • IBH Capital’s significant market knowledge of reliable contractors, consultants, and other service providers in the industry, proactive negotiation techniques effectively utilized by a team of experienced commercial real estate professionals.